Join Our Call: "Responding to Racism"

Tuesday - July 7, 2020 - 7:00-9:00pm

Event Description

Recent murders along with video phone coverage have triggered global protests and people of all generations erupting and chanting, “Black Lives Matter”. White people are being called out for avoiding dealing with racism, privilege and white supremacy, while black men and women have literally been dying in American streets for centuries simply because they are black.  

What action can we each take? What will matter? As the Tribe of Men, we do not prescribe, but instead invite a deeper dive into what’s true for each of us, and support action from that place. We endeavor/desire to gain a deeper level of understanding through open sharing of our individual and collective beliefs and experiences.  Systemic racism and ongoing violence will continue until there is collective action.  Joining this call is one action you can take.  There are no guarantees where it leads you or others, but it is a step, perhaps leading to even more individual or collective action.  We will not change 400 years of racism in a single Zoom call.  But we can do something.

In this two-hour interactive men’s call, men will share their relationship to racism and choose next steps.  We will ask to hear from men who have been triggered by racism, and all men will participate in small breakout groups to talk about this difficult and necessary topic.  Expanding our own awareness is the first step down the path to responding to it with education, action, healing and eventually, equity.

About you

Any man interested in discussing and expressing their own relationship to racism is welcome to attend.  Men of all colors are welcome.

What to do now

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