Are We for You?

Life is Full of Choices
Choose Wisely

The Tribe of Men is not for everyone. Some men’s organizations accept all men who arrive with interest. We do not. We welcome men who are committed to self-development, who are ready and willing to look into the depths of themselves, and do the work necessary to become a better man. If this describes you, we welcome you. If you do not fit this requirement, we wish you well on your path.

Some men are looking for social groups to develop deep friendships with other men, to share and swap stories about the day-to-day events of their lives, to perform service projects, or to meet socially for companionship. While many tribesmen have met one or more of those goals in and among their fellow tribesmen, our primary purpose – and why the Tribe exists – is for self-exploration and growth and learning, both individually and collectively.

If you read our principles carefully, you will know whether or not you resonate with our Tribe. As men, we have a lot of work to do on ourselves, within our relationships, and on behalf of our world. As tribesmen, we know that this is our time, and that it’s time to get on with it.

Most of the men in our Tribe have spent years getting to know themselves through workshops, coaching, analysis, and/or spiritual practice. Some of our tribesmen are younger and have not spent years in self-development, but they are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to become a man who lives by his principles.

If you have read through this information and you are still not sure whether you are a fit with our Tribe, please feel free to contact us and engage in a conversation about it. There are some obvious fits and some not-so-obvious fits. And sometimes what is needed is a trial run. If you’d like to sit with us, we invite you to come and participate in an introductory evening.

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