Are You Called?

“Sir, your Spirit is calling on line one.”
How will you respond?

The Tribe is for:

  • A man who has done some men’s work, likes what he’s gotten, and yet is looking for something more.
  • A man who feels “called” to something and knows what that is, but doesn’t know where to find it.
  • A man who feels a tugging from inside, but doesn’t know what it is.
  • A man who doesn’t know he’s called, but those around him clearly know it.

If you feel called strongly to our Tribe, please read the Invitation page, which describes the routes that lead to joining our Tribe.

If you feel the call to engage in deep work with men, but are not sure whether our Tribe is the one for you, please explore the possibility by contacting us for a conversation or coming to one of our Introduction events.

Sometimes a man may feel fear or anger at the prospect of working with power and exploring deep truth with other men. If you are having a reaction or feeling resistance to what you have read here, there are two possibilities:

1) The Tribe is not for you (we recommend that you listen to your inner wisdom); or

2) An unconscious (shadow) part of you is reacting to the power and truth-telling aspects of our work.

If you suspect that #2 is the case, and you are committed to meeting and exploring your shadow aspects (which may be running your life), joining our Tribe could be the best thing you could do for yourself.

Continue on a guided tour of our site with What We Look For.