What We Look For

A New Meaning For “Soul Man”
He lives inside you. Can he come out and play?

We are looking for men who will both benefit from us, and from whom the Tribe will benefit as well – men who not only want to explore themselves deeply, but who also have something to contribute to the greater Tribe. We are committed to teaching and helping each other. There are many coaches, teachers, therapists, and businessmen among us. Most of us are committed to making a difference and making a contribution to the world around us.

If you strive to be in integrity, tell the truth, and align with your highest principles, you are the type of man who will be a good fit. We are a learning community, always striving to improve and broaden our skill sets.

A number of tribesmen are highly skilled in leadership, facilitating groups and collaborative processes. One of our goals is to train everyone in the skill of facilitation. We look for “sacred reciprocity” – a commitment to giving as well as receiving.

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