Tribe Initiations –  A rigorous process of self-exploration and a life-changing personal challenge to be fulfilled over a period of 2-3 months. The initiation process culminates when prospective initiates embody their transformational journey for a group of Tribesmen and other initiates during a weekend retreat with the full Tribe of Men.


Challenge Groups

Monthly groups of 5-9 men meet to share their toughest issues; challenge and support one another, and do deep transformational work that leads to real change.




Service & Community

Tribe Rings: Leadership and Facilitation

Tribesmen participate in “Tribe Rings”, smaller groups charged with overseeing various aspects of the Tribe, including our growth and learning. As part of these rings men learn new skills, develop leadership abilities, and strengthen their facilitation skills (Facilitation Ring).

No Commitment

Drop In Groups In addition to Challenge Groups Tribe of Men offers a “no commitment” Drop In Group that meets monthly via Zoom using a similar format as the Challenge Groups. Upcoming dates can be found here.

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