Black Lives Matter

Many in the Tribe of Men have expressed anger and grief over the murders of George Floyd and a long list of men and women before him, killed simply because they were Black.

The Tribe of Men aligns with the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a global moment of awareness to change society’s relationship to racism, and we are excited about the possibility of transformation.  We seek to be allies and accomplices in the liberation of Black people.

In recent weeks, while it’s become popular to say “Black lives matter” and display it proudly, we are asking ourselves:  What does this really mean to us, and how do we truly relate to it?   As a men’s group, we have been on a path for years  towards expanding  and deepening our consciousness. But many of us are just now learning that we are at the beginning of our inner exploration, individually and collectively, with respect to race and racism.

We commit to educating ourselves, shifting our awareness, and creating a plan of action. We will be meeting to explore:

  • How might we grow into effective anti-racists? What might that entail, as both an internal shift and action in the world?
  • What, of our identity and our worldview, would need to be transformed?  What notions, beliefs and behaviors do we need to challenge?
  • What actions can we commit to take in operating as a Tribe, and as individuals, citizens and leaders?