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Conscious Communication For Healing and Growth

Tuesday - May 4th , 2021 - 7:00-9:00pm PT

Men and Women are Invited to Join this Call

Responding to interest from those on our April Tribe Community Call, our May call will explore Conscious Communication, which builds on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model. In addition to helping you find deeper relationship connection and better meet your needs, the Conscious Communication process leads you step by step into greater self awareness, healing and growth. 

During this two-hour participatory call, we’ll explore:

  • NVC, and how to replace disconnection with compassionate connection through vulnerability and empathy

                    • For those of you already familiar with NVC, you’ll discover how to use  the NVC model for growth and healing

  • How you can gain clarity on managing difficult feelings, such as reactivity, anger and hurt
  • How to achieve needs consciousness — a concrete way to understand your essential needs and the needs of those around you 

Join us for this engaging interactive call!  Bernard Zylberberg and Rocky Merron will be your co-facilitators.