Community Donations

We offer monthly Tribe of Men Community Calls as a gift to you. We think of this as “sacred work.”

Our intention and desire is to have a recurring program aligned with the Tribe’s purpose: To expand the consciousness of men and support them in realizing their full potential. We make these offerings available to all regardless of resources, especially during a pandemic where many are suffering financially and with their mental health.

If you would like to “Pay it forward” to future men and support our work, and your financial resources permit, please consider a tax-deductible donation appropriate for your means and the value you receive.

Our production costs are not free. Each community call involves many hours and multiple men to design, market, produce and administer, and $200-$250 in technology and advertising costs. By our estimate the cost comes out to $75-90/attendee. We leave it to you to determine the value of this offering for yourself and other men and donate what you are able now or after the call. Again, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

You can also contribute by sharing our invitation with interested friends, which spreads the fixed costs across more attendees and reduces advertising expenses.

As you step into a gift mentality, let your giving arise from gratitude and not a desire to measure up to some standard. And, take this as a gift with our blessing if you are unable to contribute now.

Thank you,

The Tribe of Men