Join our Zoom Call

Honoring Fathers

Tuesday - June 8th , 2021 - 6:30-9:00pm PT

All Men are Invited to Join this Call

Just in time for Fathers’ Day, our June Tribe Community Call will look deeply into our relationships with our fathers.

More than any other source, our fathers are the source of what many men bring to work on in our men’s groups.  Fathers influence our self-esteem, confidence, career expectations and choices, relationships with women, gender identity, abusive behavior, substance abuse, and on and on. 

During this 2.5-hour interactive experience, you’ll explore:

  • Your father and your relationship to him
  • What you got, and maybe didn’t get, from your father
  • Witnessing other men and their father relationships
  • How you might honor your father on Father’s Day

This call has no presentation.  You will learn and gain insights from sharing your experiences, and from other men’s experiences on a similar journey, through facilitated questions and interactive participation, including breakout groups.  At all times, you choose whether and what to share. 

Steve Tennant, Todd Kerr and Jeff Wessman will be your facilitators.  All three men have been in the Tribe for over 10 years and have facilitated prior Tribe Community Calls.  All have curious and challenging relationships with their fathers.