Join the Tribe of Men Community Call

Next Call TBD

Our second year of Tribe Community Calls begins with an evening to explore how you can create extraordinary relationships. Your guides for the evening are Keith Merron and Danielle Conroy, authors, and creators of Radical Self Responsibility, a revolutionary set of principles and practices for taking your core relationship to a higher level. Extraordinary relationships are marked by high levels of ownership, intimacy, vitality, and authenticity.

As we all know, it’s easy to fall into being reactive, defensive and self-justifying, even in deeply loving relationships. We struggle to process or talk things through, often without success, or withdraw and give up on intimacy.

Radical Self Responsibility can help transform those feelings of blame, anger and fear into healing, ease and compassion, bringing about a relationship of freedom and love. Keith and Danielle have been teaching and practicing this with astonishing results.

During this 2-hour interactive call, you can expect:

  •     An increased understanding of what we mean by taking radical self-responsibility and its power in relationships with others
  •     Deeper appreciation for the moment of trigger and the portal it opens up
  •     Inspiration to experiment with this approach

Join us for this informative and engaging call.