Drop In Group: For Men New to the Tribe of Men

Next Meeting Monday, Sep.12th 7pm (PT)

Drop In Groups are monthly online meetings of a small group of 6-9 men. The meetings are facilitated by experienced Tribesmen. By design, Drop In Group meetings are similar to a Tribe Challenge Groups with check-ins, a time for individual work, and a debrief. All men, regardless of their experience with men’s work are invited to participate fully. Unlike Challenge Groups, Drop In Groups do not require an ongoing commitment to participate. 

Drop In Groups are a safe supportive space of men that fosters authentic expression, vulnerability, and invites our collective wisdom to emerge. In these meetings we are guided by our Tribe of Men principles in the areas of integrity and wholeness,  growth and learning, love and compassion, and purposeful work. Utilizing our tools for moving through limitations we access our connection to Source and our deepest self.

Drop In Group meetings are held monthly on Zoom and are open to all men and tribesmen – however, registration is required. Contact info for registration is below.

Who is this for?

  • Any man on a path of conscious transformation
  • Any man wanting more of an experience of a Tribe Challenge Group
  • Any man wanting safe space to do men’s work

Why come?

  • You recognize the value of being in community with conscious men
  • You sense that your own transformation would be accelerated by being witnessed by other men
  • You want to learn how to co-create an environment that fosters authentic expression and transformation

When does the Drop In Group meet?

  • Monday, September 12th 7pm (PT)
  • Thursday, October 13th 7pm (PT)
  • Thursday, November 10th 70m (PT)

What does the Drop In Group cost?

The is no fee. Drop In Group is a gift from the Tribe of Men

For more information on the Drop In Group and to register contact:

 Todd Kerr, todd@berkeleyx.org, (510) 332-7572

Jeff Wessman, jeff@inneractivemedia.com, (415) 497-2869