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Who We Are

Tribe of Men is a nonprofit men’s group based in the San Francisco Bay Area with members in multiple states and Washington DC.

Our purpose is to expand the consciousness and integrity of men, both individually and collectively, in service to all beings and to our planet.

We engage in a continual process of self-inquiry and shared learning, working together to realize our potential as powerful, loving, and effective men. We use a unique set of transformational tools that support us in the fulfillment of our potential.

We challenge and support each other to live and act in accordance with a set of Tribe Principles around integrity and wholeness, growth and learning, love and relationships, and purposeful work.

The Tribe of Men was established in 2004, and we continue to expand our community and influence.

What We Do

Small Group Meetings – Tribesmen and prospective Tribesmen meet on a monthly basis in what we call Challenge Groups. These small groups of 5-9 men are comprised of initiated Tribesmen, men on a path towards initiation, and occasional visitors. Within each of these groups, we: create a safe space for men to share their toughest issues; challenge one another to do deep, transformational work that leads to real change in our lives; and find trusted connection and fellowship.

In addition to Challenge Groups Tribe of Men offers a “no commitment” Drop In Group that meets monthly via Zoom using a similar format as the Challenge Groups. Upcoming dates can be found here.

Tribe Initiations – Men who wish to become initiated Tribesmen undertake a rigorous process of self-exploration with the help of an experienced Tribesman as a guide. They then receive a life-changing personal challenge to be fulfilled over a period of 2-3 months. The process culminates when we come together as a full Tribe for an annual Initiation weekend. Prospective initiates embody their transformational journey for a group of Tribesmen and other initiates.

Tribe Rings: Leadership and Facilitation – Most Tribesmen participate in one of the Tribe Rings, smaller groups charged with leading various aspects of Tribe operations. These groups are great opportunities for men to learn new skills, develop their leadership abilities, and build relationships with Tribesmen outside their Challenge Groups. We also have a Facilitation Ring, in which men have the opportunity to learn and strengthen their facilitation skills.

Our Principles

“The light by which we see our way forward”

When we created the Tribe of Men, we developed a set of guiding principles as standards we could measure ourselves against, and ideals toward which we could grow. They support and serve each of us in living deeper, fuller, and more effective lives.

We do not consider our principles to be fixed truths, however. Rigid adherence to the principles as if they were unbending rules, or venerating them as all-important, would violate the principles themselves. These are our guidelines, the lights by which we see our way forward.

Tribe of Men Principles:

Integrity and Wholeness

  • I speak my truth, and invite others to speak theirs.
  • I communicate my feelings and intentions clearly.
  • I keep my commitments and fulfill my obligations.
  • I take responsibility for my impact.
  • I care for my body, my family, my community, and my planet.
  • I embody masculine power.


  • I am committed to a never-ending journey of self-exploration.
  • I am both student and teacher, always learning from everything and everyone around me.
  • I seek to become a better and better instrument of my higher purpose.
  • I courageously explore the depths of what it means to be fully human and fully a man.

Love and Compassion

  • I give and receive love, exploring and honoring all of its aspects.
  • I reach out to others with empathy and understanding.
  • I am flexible and understanding with myself and others.
  • I see and treat myself and others as expressions of the divine.

Purposeful Work

  • I set goals and intentions that serve myself and others.
  • I do work in the world that is a true expression of myself and my life’s purpose.
  • I apply myself fully to my chosen endeavors.
  • I express my power in service.
  • I am guided by something really big and murky.

Community Calls

Next call - Coming Soon!

Our monthly calls held via Zoom are usually held in the evening (PT) on “First Tuesdays”. We have explored a variety of topics including intimate relationships, racism, love & compassion, purposeful work, compassionate communication, the Enneagram, and more. 

These calls have brought together men from all over the world to share and learn from one another in a safe and sacred space.

Our next call will focus on the Tribe’s upcoming Initiation round for 2022. If you are not already on our email list, sign up to receive an invitation when the call will take place. Check back for updates and details, or sign up for notifications.

Black Lives Matter

Many in the Tribe of Men have expressed anger and grief over the murders of George Floyd and a long list of men and women before him, killed simply because they were Black.

The Tribe of Men aligns with the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a global moment of awareness to change society’s relationship to racism, and we are excited about the possibility of transformation.  We seek to be allies and accomplices in the liberation of Black people.


Learn More about The Tribe of Men

Contact Us to talk with a tribesman. There are many men available who can answer your questions. We’ll direct you to the best person to answer your question.

About the Tribe of Men

Founded in 2004, the Tribe of Men is a nonprofit men’s organization dedicated to expanding the consciousness of men in service to all beings and the planet. We are not affiliated with any church or religious group.

As of 2022, we have more than 50 active members, or tribesmen, distributed among 10 Challenge Groups. Eight groups are in the San Francisco Bay Area and two are in Washington, D.C. For men in other cities, we offer virtual Challenge Groups. We also have a group that aims to strengthen men’s facilitation skills, and a leadership group to develop leadership skills and operate the Tribe.

Tribe of Men is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation. “Tribe of Men” is a registered trademark.