Supporting Your Personal Growth through Consciousness Work

Who We Are

Tribe of Men is a nonprofit men’s group based in the San Francisco Bay Area with members in multiple states and Washington DC.

Our purpose is to expand the consciousness and integrity of men, both individually and collectively, in service to all beings and to our planet.

We engage in a continual process of self-inquiry and shared learning, working together to realize our potential as powerful, loving, and effective men. We use a unique set of transformational tools that support us in the fulfillment of our potential.

We challenge and support each other to live and act in accordance with a set of Tribe Principles around integrity and wholeness, growth and learning, love and relationships, and purposeful work.

The Tribe of Men was established in 2004, and we continue to expand our community and influence.

Join our Next Zoom Call: Tribe Principles Series #1: Integrity and Wholeness

During this pandemic, many men are wondering “Who do I want to be when this is over?” Some are struggling with isolation, anxiety and loneliness, feeling unloved, overweight, overmedicated, undervalued, or underemployed — and want support to transform themselves and their circumstances.
The Tribe of Men was founded on a set of principles that we aspire to live by. Within these principles lies the potential for transformation. Aligning ourselves with these powerful principles and our deeper, authentic selves creates new opportunities for growth.
In this first of a series of four sessions covering the Tribe’s principles, we’ll take a deep dive into the first set of principles around “Integrity and Wholeness”. Meet Tribesmen who will share their take on what Integrity and Wholeness means to them, and consider these principles for yourself.

What We Do

The Tribe of Men offers a number of ways in which men participate.  These include:

  • Small Group Meetings
  • Tribe Initiations
  • Tribe Rings: Leadership and Facilitation
Learn more about what the Tribe of Men does.

Our Principles

“The light by which we see our way forward”

When we created the Tribe of Men, we developed a set of guiding principles as standards we could measure ourselves against, and ideals toward which we could grow. They support and serve each of us in living deeper, fuller, and more effective lives.

The Tribe of Men Principles are focused on the following;

  • Integrity and Wholeness
  • Growth
  • Love and Compassion
  • Purposeful Work

Read more about our principles.

Black Lives Matter

Many in the Tribe of Men have expressed anger and grief over the murders of George Floyd and a long list of men and women before him, killed simply because they were Black.

The Tribe of Men aligns with the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a global moment of awareness to change society’s relationship to racism, and we are excited about the possibility of transformation.  We seek to be allies and accomplices in the liberation of Black people.


Learn More about The Tribe of Men

Contact Us to talk with a tribesman. There are many men available who can answer your questions. We’ll direct you to the best person to answer your question.

Men, you’re invited to our next Zoom Call. Get to know how we operate and participate in interactive sessions on various topics – all free.

About the Tribe of Men

Founded in 2004, the Tribe of Men is a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit benefit corporation – a men’s organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area with members in multiple states and Washington, DC. 

The Tribe of Men™