Are you Ready to Transform?



What is the Tribe of Men Initiation?

We have a unique 4-month initiation process that includes a month of preparation and two months of working with a “life-size” challenge. The challenge is divined uniquely for each man by three tribesmen volunteers, and designed to bring him up against his “stuff” that’s holding him back, or that’s tugging at him from deeper within, throughout those months. Each initiate is paired with a tribesman volunteer who helps prepare for the journey.

When is the Initiation Happening?

Our 2024 Initiation Round is complete, and we welcomed seven men into the Tribe, having successfully completed their transformational challenges

To join our Spring 2025 Initiation:

  1. join a Challenge Group (email
  2. sign up here to be informed when signups for the next round begins.

Why Would You Want to Initiate?

Initiation makes sense for men who would like to transform a notable aspect of their life. We all have things we’re working on, to grow and develop – to close the gap between where we are today and our imagined ideal future self. What if you could become your future self faster with support from a community of men?


What's The Cost?

Unlike workshops or other weekend retreats, the Tribe of Men Initiation is offered as a gift to you, as part of our “pay it forward” culture. No one gets paid. We are all volunteers, and some of us invest dozens of hours to hold an initiation.

And, while it’s a gift, there are expenses associated with the physical spaces we use, such as lodging and food at the retreat center. When a man commits to stepping into the initiation, we ask for a modest  non-refundable $250 deposit to help cover those expenses.

If you want, you can make two payments of $125, the first by Feb 10 and the second by March 24.  To make your deposit, visit 

More importantly, we expect you to “Pay it forward” after your initiation, in the following ways:

  • Volunteer on a Tribe Ring, who meet monthly over Zoom.  For example, a handful of men are volunteering to host this Initiation Round.  You will find a role that fits your skills among our handful of Tribe Volunteer Rings. 
  • Volunteer as an Initiation Guide or Tribune for new men – not just for one round, but many rounds.  Many Tribesmen have supported other men in over 10 initiation rounds because they also benefit by being surrounded by men working on themselves – you can’t help but take a sip of the waters yourself.  And, you pay for your own food and lodging to support these new men.
  • Donate.  Make recurring financial contributions to fund operations and scholarships to make our offerings available to all men.  There’s no fixed amount – and we work with money in our group too – only you decide the amount that works for you.

Is Initiation Right for Me?

Yes if:

  • Have a yearning to expand your own consciousness, taking your growth and learning to another level.

  • Want to overcome a big (perhaps the biggest) obstacle in your life.

  • Want to develop your own skills around leadership, collaboration, facilitation, communication, spirituality, building community, and relationship.

  • Want a deeper awareness of your inner landscape and relationship with the world.

  • Are already in a small men’s monthly group, what the Tribe calls a “Challenge Group,” or are interested in joining a Challenge Group.

  • Align with our purpose to expand the consciousness and integrity of men, “paying it forward” to future men – serving in initiation-related roles or other volunteer roles in the Tribe.  

  • Would like to join a community of men on a transformation journey – committed not only to themselves, but to others as well – towards self-awareness, purpose, growth, and healthy masculinity.

How Do I Learn More?

To join our Spring 2025 Initiation: sign up here to be informed when signups for the next round begins.

If you want to make life changes, find support for moving to the next level in your growth, expand your awareness, increase your resilience, and become part of a community of conscious men, consider joining the Tribe of Men