Why Join

We Know You Are A Busy Man
Why take the time to join us?

By joining the Tribe and successfully accomplishing your initiation process, you can expect the following outcomes:

Becoming a better man. Most of our tribesmen describe this as the greatest benefit to joining – through living with more integrity, more awareness, fewer blind spots, being more present, and making more conscious in their choices.

Doing deep consciousness work. Our challenge groups are facilitated by highly skilled tribesmen until the group becomes skilled at self-facilitation. Our goal is to make every group self-facilitating, but this takes time, as there are many skills to master. We teach these skills within the challenge groups because they will serve your life. If you wish to become a skilled facilitator, there is a path and a training program where you can learn from masters.

Gaining valuable insight unavailable anywhere else. There are plenty of workshops and men’s groups to choose from. Men with experience in other groups have chosen to join us because we are serious about our work in consciousness, serious about making the world a better place, and serious about the care and love we bring to the process.

Having fun. This can’t all be serious. That would be wrong. There is a lot of joy and laughter in our shared time together. Seriously!

Challenging yourself. Our initiation process is rigorous. If you are ready to challenge yourself, to face the deepest (perhaps hidden) parts of yourself, then enter into the Tribe’s initiation process. We have each taken up this challenge because we are committed to becoming better men, trustworthy men, good men, loving men, contributing men. If that is your goal, please join us.

Participating in a community. If you hunger for true brotherhood and true friendship with men you can count on, you will want to join our Tribe. Each man in our Tribe is unique, and on his own path of self-development. Each man can be trusted to stand by you and support you when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Some men experience this level of teamwork in business, and some in fraternities or the military. Most men are hungering for this level of friendship and support. We’ve got it. Do you want it?

If you want what we’ve got, join us on our quest. It is a noble act to join with others, to share a vision and a path, to test each others’ strength and commitment to shared values, and to work together toward a shared goal. Make contact. It’s the first step in any long-term relationship.

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