Our Principles

“The light by which we see our way forward”

When we created the Tribe of Men, we developed a set of guiding principles as standards we could measure ourselves against, and ideals toward which we could grow. They support and serve each of us in living deeper, fuller, and more effective lives.

The Tribe of Men Principles are focused on the following;

  • Integrity and Wholeness
  • Growth
  • Love and Compassion
  • Purposeful Work

We do not consider our principles to be fixed truths, however. Rigid adherence to the principles as if they were unbending rules, or venerating them as all-important, would violate the principles themselves. These are our guidelines, the lights by which we see our way forward.

Tribe of Men Principles:

Integrity and Wholeness

  • I speak my truth, and invite others to speak theirs.
  • I communicate my feelings and intentions clearly.
  • I keep my commitments and fulfill my obligations.
  • I take responsibility for my impact.
  • I care for my body, my family, my community, and my planet.
  • I embody masculine power.


  • I am committed to a never-ending journey of self-exploration.
  • I am both student and teacher, always learning from everything and everyone around me.
  • I seek to become a better and better instrument of my higher purpose.
  • I courageously explore the depths of what it means to be fully human and fully a man.

Love and Compassion

  • I give and receive love, exploring and honoring all of its aspects.
  • I reach out to others with empathy and understanding.
  • I am flexible and understanding with myself and others.
  • I see and treat myself and others as expressions of the divine.

Purposeful Work

  • I set goals and intentions that serve myself and others.
  • I do work in the world that is a true expression of myself and my life’s purpose.
  • I apply myself fully to my chosen endeavors.
  • I express my power in service.
  • I am guided by something really big and murky.