Resources For Change

These resources are useful for self-growth and change. Some of them come with our recommendation, and others are simply resources that you should check out for yourself.

On this page you’ll find:

• Workshops for men
• Basic men’s work
• Coaching and training
• Online magazines and resources


The Sword and the Scepter is an amazing 4-day workshop which explores all aspects of men’s power. Held twice per year, it is one of the most powerful workshops we know of for men. Two of the Tribe’s co-founders conduct this workshop, and the Tribe resulted from it. Highly recommended. All of the Tribe’s founders and many other tribesmen have taken it. Held in Northern California, in Toronto, and other cities. Visit to learn more.

The Noble Man Workshop provides a safe space for men to express and explore their fears, wounds and resentments around women while being held and supported by an experienced female staff. Being seen and heard with unconditional love and acceptance allows for the true alchemy of man and woman to emerge. This intensive culminates in a Rite of Initiation for men into their purpose and vision as a whole man, honoring themselves and being honored by women. Held in Northern California.

BASIC MEN’S WORK (and helpful even if you’re not just starting out):

The Mankind Project (MKP) offers the New Warrior Training Adventure, a great program for developing men’s power and commitment to higher principles. Some of our tribesmen have been through the NWTA; a number have come to us from MKP communities.

Enhance Your Integrity – If you want to work on your integrity, we recommend the free Avatar Personal Integrity Course. You can download this mini-course at no cost from If you follow the steps and allow yourself to be truly honest about what you find, you can expect improved well-being, insights into attacks and disagreements, and a freeing of creative energy. If you like the results, check out The Avatar Course at


Life Purpose Process – If you are wondering about your life purpose, we recommend Tim K elley’s True Purpose Institute at www.knowyourpurpose.comand his book, True Purpose, Tim is a tribesman and a co-founder of the Tribe of Men. In a series of meetings in person or by phone, a Purposeful Coach trained by Tim, some of which are tribesmen, can help you discover what your actual life purpose is, and how to get yourself aligned with it. He and his coaches have worked successfully with a wide variety of people from senior executives to artists.. Contact Tim at or at 415-902-8906.

Manifestation Training – If you want to become more masterful at creating and manifesting your life, Lion Goodman and Anodea Judith teach a powerful course, Manifestation Through the Chakras: Turning Your Dreams Into Reality. It is offered three times per year: in Northern California, at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, and at a beautiful resort in Costa Rica. They break down the manifestation process into a step-by-step procedure, giving you the tools to create the life you want. Whether you want to create a loving relationship, a successful business, wealth, or spiritual awakening, you can use this process to bring it to fruition. Visit Lion’s website


Menstuff®, a national men’s resource, includes over 2,600 resources for positive change in male roles and relationships. They provide a nationwide calendar of local, regional, national and international men’s events. They list bookstores with separate men’s sections, men’s publications, abuse & recover resources, alternatives to violence, bulletin boards, catalogues, centers & counseling centers, councils, family organizations, groups peer lead and facilitated, men’s health, international contacts, national, regional and religious organizations, retreat centers, transgender resources, youth services, vet centers and more. Visit

The Redwood Men’s Center is based in Santa Rosa, California. They provide an annual Men’s Conference (which is highly rated) and resources for men.

The Noah Project is a men’s ritual/performance group in the San Francisco Bay area. Meeting bi-weekly for over fifteen years, the men of the Noah Project have used chant, song, poetry and group movement to joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world. The Noah Project is open to all men of good will who like to sing. Approximately one-fifth of the tribesmen are members. Women are happily included in larger circles around the Winter Solstice, Valentine’s Day, and “Just Because It’s June!”