What We Do

The Tribe of Men offers a number of ways in which men participate.  These include:

  • Small Group Meetings
  • Tribe Initiations
  • Tribe Rings: Leadership and Facilitation

Small Group Meetings – Tribesmen and prospective Tribesmen meet on a monthly basis in small groups of 5-9 men. Within each of these Challenge Groups, we: create a safe space for men to share their toughest issues; challenge one another to do deep, transformational work that leads to real change in our lives; and find trusted connection and fellowship.

Tribe Initiations – Men who wish to become initiated Tribesmen undertake a rigorous process of self-exploration with the help of an experienced Tribesman as a guide. They then receive a life-changing personal challenge to be fulfilled over a period of 2-3 months. The process culminates when we come together as a full Tribe for an annual Initiation weekend. Prospective initiates embody their transformational journey for a group of Tribesmen and other initiates.

Tribe Rings: Leadership and Facilitation – Most Tribesmen participate in one of the Tribe Rings, smaller groups charged with leading various aspects of Tribe operations. These groups are great opportunities for men to learn new skills, develop their leadership abilities, and build relationships with Tribesmen outside their Challenge Groups. We also have a Facilitation Ring, in which men have the opportunity to learn and strengthen their facilitation skills.