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Great opportunities for unlimited learning

The Tribe provides a myriad of opportunities for growth. It starts when you declare your intention to join the Tribe. These are the ways men participate:

  • The Initiation Process – When you join, you embark on a process that includes a detailed self-assessment, a “life-size” challenge to transform your life, and an initiation ceremony that welcomes you into the Tribe. Men who complete the Initiation process become tribesmen.

  • Challenge Groups – Groups of five to eight men meet monthly to challenge themselves and each other to do consciousness work. Each man belongs to a challenge group and attends 9 or more challenge group meetings each year.

  • Tribe Operations – We have a unique, collaborative, leaderless structure for managing Tribe operations and for learning and growing. In groups known as “Rings,” we do the work of operating different aspects of the Tribe. Participation in at least one ring is expected and requested of each tribesman. Some meetings are conducted by phone, and some are in person.

  • Tribe Events – Day-long or weekend-long whole-tribe gatherings and learning events are held once or twice a year, frequently at a retreat center. Participation is encouraged but optional.

  • Introductory Evenings – These evening programs provide an overview of the Tribe to men interested in joining the Tribe. They are the best way to get a taste of sitting in circle with us. Participation by tribesmen is optional, but they usually choose to attend when a friend or associate is considering joining.

We realize that most men have a busy life. Tribesmen can expect a minimum of eight hours a month to participate in the Tribe on an ongoing basis, with two to three times that level during key parts of the initiation process. Each man manages his own participation level. Men who participate more find the benefits to be extraordinary.

Two tribesmen have this to say about what we do:

“I love that we are committed to an unwavering resolve to lift the planet to a new level of consciousness in our lifetime. I love the depth of the conversations we have and the depth that I am required to go to in order to make a difference. I love the juicy ambiguity of it all that requires I seek connection with the big and murky and with other humans to figure out how to proceed.”
— K.M.

“The Tribe has given me the self-awareness, support and tools to take my business to the next level. Since my initiation, I have quadrupled my business’s profits and am now working exclusively with executives in my coaching and consulting. Harder to quantify is the joy I derive from working with men who are as called to personal growth and changing the world as I am.”
— T.K.

To join the Tribe, you need to be near enough to the San Francisco Bay Area that you can participate in a challenge group in person, one afternoon or evening each month.

If you would like to start a challenge group in your area, and can bring together a group of five to eight men, we can discuss expansion of the Tribe to your area. Our intention is to grow, and to support challenge groups around the country and around the world.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…
I took the one less traveled by…
And that has made all the difference”
— Robert Frost

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