Our Members

We Call Them ‘Tribesmen’
Committed to consciousness, participation, and alignment with our principles

What kind of man joins the Tribe of Men? We require that he:

1) Commit to develop his own consciousness,
2) Actively participate in a challenge group,
3) Go through the initiation process, and
4) Be in alignment with our principles.

A man’s inner characteristics are more important to us than his outer characteristics. Many begin with The Sword and Scepter workshop, described under Our Story, but it is not a requirement. They join seriously, with an intention toward lifelong participation in the Tribe and their ongoing development.

Nearly all tribesmen have been involved with consciousness work (self-development, analysis, depth psychology, spiritual practices, etc.) prior to joining the Tribe. Men are likely to have a positive experience with us if they have done some form of consciousness work previously, and really want to improve themselves.

We are becoming an increasingly diverse group of men of different races, ages, backgrounds, income levels and beliefs. We are attracting men who have already done work on themselves and are looking for the next step – the next challenge upon which to hone themselves.

The occupations of our tribesmen include company owners, independent consultants, executive coaches, doctors, lawyers, school administrators, marketing executives, members of the clergy, construction workers, authors, engineers, entrepreneurs and salesmen. Some are writers, singers, artists. Some are students. Some are unemployed. Tribesmen have no common religious affiliation – some attend church while others use the Tribe for their spiritual fulfillment. Our youngest member is in his twenties. Our oldest is in his sixties.

In May 2009, we experienced the loss of a brother, Tom Agar, whose connection with spirit was exceptionally strong and he was ordained as a Catholic Priest just weeks before passing away. In Memoriam for Tom Agar. 
In January 2011, we lost another brother, Jim Kelley.

Here are some of the voices of our tribesmen, on being part of the Tribe:

“In the Tribe I have a circle of friends committed to our mutual growth and
boration as we build community together. Not only am I welcome and valued as a man but I have an opportunity to contribute gifts and skills to something greater than myself which is beautiful and healthy. In the Tribe my hope and optimism for a better world is renewed.”
— J.M.

“I was skeptical when I first heard about the Tribe. I was married, had kids, and felt as if I’d already been initiated. But when I read the principles and the purpose of the group, and felt the openness and generosity of the offer, I decided to join. The journey has been a fascinating adventure. I’ve learned about myself, improved my relationships, increased my leadership and facilitation skills at work, and gotten valuable feedback on how I show up in the world. It would be easier to not try to hold myself to the principles, but I know I am a better man because of them. I cannot think of a day where the principles do not come into play for me at home, at work, or in my community.”
— S.T

“I am grateful to the Tribe to have a circle of trust and expertise in which to explore my soul, both the light and the dark of it.”

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