Our Purpose

Our Purpose
Expanding the consciousness and integrity of men

The purpose of the Tribe of Men is to expand the consciousness and integrity of men, both individually and collectively, in service to all beings and to our planet.

We recognize that modern society can be seen as a battle between the love of power (mastery through accumulation and ego gratification), and the power of love (transformation through healing and growth). As men of both power and love, we are aligned with the forces and processes that move us toward more growth, healing, wholeness, and love.

We challenge and support each other to live and act in accordance with our principles: guidelines that point the way toward fulfillment of our human potential. We are committed to the process of continual self-inquiry and shared learning. This process supports, deepens, and challenges us as men. Like many cultures before us, we strive for wholeness and excellence in life (the ancient Greeks called it “Aretê”). Our goal is to become powerful, loving, effective men who are engaged in a continual process of development to become fully human.

Our Tribe is a learning community where we express ourselves fully, authentically and responsibly, and actively measure ourselves and each other against our principles. We strive to take right actions and to stay aware of their consequences. We dedicate ourselves to deepening our connection to the natural and divine forces around us and within us.

We align ourselves with others who share this path of awakening, self-development, and social engagement. We recognize that we are a part of a much larger whole – a whole that has no name, no leader, and no structure. We choose to live as free, expressive individuals while remaining aware, responsible and accountable for all our relationships, including our families, our communities, and our planet.

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